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Meet The Team

Who We Are


Stephanie Scott

Founder & Principal

Stephanie has over 27 years experience across multiple industries in Strategy, Commercial & Competitive Intelligence,  Business Process Optimization, Change Management, Program Development & Deployment, Cross-functional Stakeholder Collaboration, and Global Team Leadership.

Joyce Muse

Process Optimization Consultant

Joyce brings extensive cross-industry experience in Process Optimization, Six Sigma and Lean Program Management, Engineering, and Strategic Sourcing.


Lesley Exum

Sustainability Consultant

Lesley brings a wealth of industry experience in areas such as Commercial Account Management, Project Management, Quality, Engineering, Contract Negotiation, Risk Mitigation, and Problem Solving

Nana Kamagate

Marketing and Administrative Staff

Nana brings a keen eye for detail and organizational prowess.  Nana also brings tri-lingual experience in marketing, event planning, small business ownership, and social media campaigns.

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